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Are If you're interested in the health of your friends, family and relatives, (including absent-minded Aunt Emma) this is the place to discover more about the air we breathe.


Remember, air pollution is a result of choices that all of us make every day - whether we choose to walk or drive (like lazy brother Ralph); or whether we take public transportation, carpool or drive alone (like Uncle Harold). Discover how these choices can affect your local air quality.


Citizens for Planet Earth field adventures are a way to explore your neighborhood alone or with family and friends. These activities are designed to be fun, easy, and require little or no equipment. At the end of each activity, you can share your data and impressions with others -- then compare your discoveries with what others have found out.


The first two adventures are: Who's driving through my neighborhood? and What does my air look like? But before going into the field, please take a few minutes to read: A Few Amazing Facts about Air Pollution


A Few Amazing Facts about Air Pollution


Field Adventure #1: Who's driving through my neighborhood?


Field Adventure #2: What does my air look like?

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