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How Snows It?


Forces of Nature at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

  How snows it? Answer the questions and compare yourself with other visitors. 

Snow Capped Mountains Graphic Why do avalanches happen?
 The abominable snowman gets angry
 Some snow is too slippery to stay put
 Buried weak snow layers collapse

Sun and Snowflakes Poll Graphic What conditions cause avalanches?
 Warm days, cold nights
 Too much wind
 Any number of weather conditions

Question Mark Poll Graphic How do avalanches flow?
 Like a frictionless liquid
 Like a solid block of matter
 Like a fluffy air-filled cloud

Skier, Hellicopter and Mountain Poll Graphic What is the most likely avalanche trigger?
 A person shouting
 A low-flying helicopter
 A person skiing

How Snows It? 

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